All The Ships Have Sailed

One thing 2016 revealed to me, that I am most certainly grateful for, is that I am over all the ships. I no longer have any problems jumping off of any ship I have no business being on; this includes, intimate relationships, family relationships, and friendships. The time has come and gone when it comes to bending over backwards and jumping through hoops for people and situations that do not deserve that energy or effort.

Family is overrated. How can you say that? Family is everything. For who? How many times are you going to forgive that aunt, cousin, or sibling for putting their own best interest before everyone else’s? How many times do we allow disrespect and betrayal because ‘that’s how he/she is’? Welp, that ship has sunk. Of course, self-care is very important, but how can we be like that all time? Family has this way of doing and saying whatever it is that they want to and expect you to sit idly by and approve of their selfish and careless behavior without considering you in the slightest because to be completely honest, you don’t matter. They matter. They are important. You? You come last because a lot of families are loyal to fleeting things such as money, clothes, and status. It’s all a competition. Instead of us building together, we’re in competition with each other trying to prove how much better we are than the next of kin. Nope, don’t have time for it. You go against once, that’s it. Pick a side and stay there.


Friends? Don’t need them if they’re toxic to be honest. Consider friendship in a biblical context. Jesus, broke bread with the 12 disciples, he traveled all over with them, dropped gems on them, and changed their lives; what did Judas do? Sell Him out for some coins. What did Peter do? Deny Him when shit hit the fan. Man listen, if Jesus’ friends could do HIM like that who are you? You could know someone your whole life and not know them at all because people change. People grow. And people secretly hate. Be real. If you don’t have friends that wish for you the good that they would wish for themselves, drop them. Let them row by their damn self.


Speaking of rowing, when it comes to  relationships, learn the difference between compromising and being an ass. Some people just need stepping stones and hiding places, don’t be either. Sometimes we are and don’t even know it but when you realize that you are? Goodnight. Goodbye. Best wishes hun.  I say this all the time, life is a simple thing, we make it complicated. I want to live my best life in the most peaceful and positive way that I can, therefore, I’m not giving people a chance to treat me however they feel like. No relationship is perfect but, I’m not here for enabling bad behavior and awful behavior, miss me with that. Sometimes, we have to be like Rose and choose to let Jack’s ass freeze while we float.


Be good to those who are good to you.